Case Studies

  • National Trust for Scotland

    Mar Lodge Estate - with a large portfolio of property on the Estate, gutter clearing is an essential element of preventative property maintenance for historic, commercial and domestic properties.

    Historically a MEWP had been hired and the Estate maintenance team tended to the gutter clearing, however this was costly, time consuming and required staff working at height. PG4 Solutions was contracted to conduct the works from the safety of the ground. A cost effective and safe solution reducing cost and risk to our client.

  • Drumtochty Castle & Estate

    A popular wedding venue kept in prime condition, the client required all gutters cleared without damage to lawns from heavy platforms.

    PG4 Solutions routinely clears the gutters and downpipes as part of the Estates essential property maintenance program.

    Property includes the castle, church, and residential property.

    This approach reduces the need for the costly hire of a tracked MEWP for 8 days per year, resulting in  a significant saving to the end client.

  • Deeside Garage & Car Sales Specialist

    Our client had experienced rainwater ingress resulting in costly damage to a compressor.

    In order to clear the gutters, staff would have to access the roof which was not an acceptable risk to the company.

    PG4 Solutions were contracted to clear the gutters using the SkyVac Interceptor, all from the safety of the ground. The works are now conducted on a 6 Monthly basis ensuring no further failure of the gutter systems, no more costly damage and business continuity that allows the business focus on their daily business.

  • Tenement Flats

    Gutter clearing of blocks of flats can be a costly exercise that is often not done as conventional means are too expensive.

    At PG4 Solutions we have the safe and cost effective solution. This block of flats was cleared within 2 hours with 1 operative, Heavy debris and weeds were unsightly and resulting in rainwater damage. Turf is easily removed with our equipment from the safety of the ground.

    This task does not have to cost the earth and our solutions is very cost effective.

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